Lisa Smedman's historical fantasy novel The Apparition Trail is set in the Canadian west of 1884 (a world of her own creation) and features a Mountie named Marmaduke Grayburn who tries to solve a series of paranormal disappearances. He serves in an elite and secretive Q division founded by the legendary Sam Steele.

One of the founders of Adventures Unlimited magazine, Smedman has designed a number of electronic adventures and written short fiction for Ravenloft and Dark Sun, and has designed gaming products for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Cyberpunk, Immortal, Shatterzone, Millennium's End, and Deadlands. She has authored role playing games for Wizards of the Coast and TSR. She has also had three of her one-act plays produced by a Vancouver theatre group. Formerly a magazine editor, she splits her week between working as a reporter and editor at a weekly newspaper and writing fiction. She lives with her partner, and spends much of her time catering to the needs of their blended family of four cats, one pug and one infant human.


DATE OF BIRTH: Sept. 19, 1959



AWARDS: Writers of the Future finalist


The Apparition Trail (EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2004)
alternative historical fantasy

The Playback War (Warner Books, 2000)
science fiction, set in the VOR universe

Shadowrun fantasy/cyberpunk novels:
The Lucifer Deck (Roc Books, 1997)
Psychotrope (Roc Books, 1998)
Blood Sport (Roc Books, 1998)
The Forever Drug (Roc Books, 1999)
Tails You Lose (Roc Books, 2001)

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms novels:
Heirs of Prophecy (Wizards of the Coast, 2002)
Extinction (Wizards of the Coast, 2004)
Venom's Taste (Wizards of the Coast, 2004), book 1 in the House of Serpents trilogy
Viper's Kiss (Wizards of the Coast, March, 2005), book 2 in the House of Serpents trilogy

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