Judy Smith of Castlegar self-published Out of Poverty: Living and Teaching in Asia (Tellwell Talent 2016) to document the years she spent abroad teaching English with her husband Roger Cristofoli, mainly in South Korea, Thailand, China and Oman. "At the brink of losing their home and going on welfare, they happened across an advertisement for English teachers in South Korea. This led to a 10-year adventure from a cockroach-infested hovel in Korea to the incredible architecture of old Krakow to a posh 2-living room villa in Oman." Accommodation in China was unheated; treatment in a Thai private school was hostile--as was their reception outside their teaching and living quarters in Oman. Smith began this teaching odyssey when she and her husband were in their mid-fifties. 978-0-7726-6974-2 $49.95

[BCBW 2016]