Born in Manchester, England, Andrea Spalding trained as a teacher in England. She came to Canada in 1967 and formed the folk duo Brandywine with her husband David Spalding. Living in Edmonton with their three daughters, she was a folk singer, teacher, actor and storyteller. She broke into writing in 1984 when she won an Alberta Teleplay prize. "It all happened by accident," she said, in a 2000 Bookmark interview, "as I never intended writing. Actually I am dyslexic and so never wrote in school. It started when my husband and I used to travel in the car with our young kids. When they got bored I would tell them stories." Her husband recommended she record her stories, offering to help tidy up her spelling, etc. "To this day Dave corrects everything the computer cannot untangle."

Andrea Spalding's first children's book, The Most Beautiful Kite in the World, was published by Red Deer College Press in 1988, but it was preceded by Never a Dull Moment (Collins, 1984), with Peggy Holmes, and The Whistlers, Jasper National Park (Environment Canada, Parks), with David Spalding. After 24 years in Edmonton, the Spaldings relocated to Pender Island in 1990.

Written by Andrea Spalding, Solomon's Tree, inspired by Tsimshian master carver Victor Reece and illustrated by Janet Wilson, was selected as the First Nations Communities Read book of the year.

Inspired by her Coast Salish heritage, Darlene Gait of Shawnigan Lake has illustrated Secret of the Dance (Orca $19.95), a collaboration between Pender Islanders Andrea Spalding and Judge Alfred Scow, Elder of the Kwakwa'wakw First Nation and member of the Order of Canada. For children aged 4 to 8, it recalls a forbidden potlatch held in Kingcome Inlet in 1935. In 1961, Alfred John Scow became the first Aboriginal in B.C. to graduate from UBC law school and was called to the bar the following year. In 1971, he became the first legally-trained Aboriginal in B.C. to become a provincial court judge, serving until 1994. He received an honorary doctor of laws degree from UBC in 1997.


Secret of the Dance (Orca 2006) $19.95 1-55143-396-6

Bottled Sunshine. With illustrations by Ruth Ohi. (Fitzhenry & Whiteside. 2005).

The Most Beautiful Kite in the World. With illustrations by Leslie Watts. (Fitzhenry & Whiteside. 2003) $19.95 (ISBN 1-55041-716-9). - ChildrenĻs Book Centre recommended book. Originally Red Deer (College Press, 1988).

Solomon's Tree. With illustrations by Janet Wilson. (Orca, 2002) $19.95 (ISBN 1-55143-217-X) Nominated for Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Award for illustration - ChildrenĻs Book Centre recommended book - shortlisted for Christie Harris Illustration Prize (BC Book Prizes, 2003)

It's Raining, It's Pouring. Illustrations by Leslie Elizabeth Watts. (Orca, 2001) Hardcover $19.95 (ISBN 1-55143-186-6). Paperback $8.95 (ISBN 1-55143-229-3) Chocolate Lily Award nominee (BC) - Blue Spruce Book Award nominee (OLA) - Nominated for Little Sapling Award (River Oaks Library, Ontario)

Me and Mr Mah. Illustrations by Janet Wilson. (Orca, 1999) Hardcover $17.95. (ISBN 1-55143-168-8) Paperback $8.95 2001 (ISBN
1-55143-177-7) - IRA 2002 TeacherĻs Choices List - BC 2000 Book Award
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Sarah May and the New Red Dress. Illustrations by Janet Wilson. (Orca, 1998) Hardcover, $17.95. (ISBN 1-55143-117-3). Softcover $8.95. (ISBN 1-55143-119-X) (Children's picture book, set on the Gulf
Islands). - Amelia Frances Howard Gibbon award nomination for illustration
- Canadian Library Association Honour Book for 1998. - Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice - Short-listed for Ruth Schwartz award, Ontario Library Association - CBC This Morning Book Panel selection

Dance Baby Dance (Orca, 2009)


Phoebe and the Gypsy. Orca. 1999. 86pp. Illustrations by Sheena Lott.
Softcover. $5.95 (ISBN 1-55143-135-1) (Orca young reader, set in England) - Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice - nominee for CLA book of the year 1999 - OLA Best Bets Canadian Materials 1999


An Island of My Own (Dundurn, 2006)

Dance of the Stones (Orca, 2003) 1-55143-268-4

The Keeper and the Crows. Illustrations by Kirsti. Orca Book Publishers.
2000. 122pp. Paper $6.50. (ISBN 1-55143-141-6). - Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice - Short-listed for 2002 Rocky Mountain Book Award - Short-listed for 2002 Red Cedar Award

An Island of My Own. Beach Holme. 1998. 105pp. Cover by Janet Wilson.
Softcover. $8.95 (ISBN 0-88878-390-6) (YA novel set on BC west coast) - Short-listed for Silver Birch award. - Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice - Nominee for Manitoba Young Reader's Choice Award for 2001 - Short-listed for 2000 Tiny TORGI (Talking Book of the year) award

Finders Keepers. Beach Holme. 1995. 144pp. Softcover. $8.95. (ISBN
0-88878-359-0). - Nominated for Sheila Egoff Award for Children's Literature;
- Nominated for the National Chapter of Canada IODE Violet Downey Book
Award; - Nominated for the Ontario Library Association's Silver Birch Award.
- Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice "Outstanding"


Book Four: Behind the Sorcerer's Cloak. Orca. 2006. $9.95. 1-55143-627-2

Book Three: Heart of the Hill. Orca Book Publishers. 2005. 192 pp.
Softcover $9.95 (ISBN 1-55143-486-5).

Book Two: The Dance of the Stones. Orca Book Publishers. 2003. 174pp.
Softcover $9.95 (ISBN 1-55143-268-4).

Book One: The White Horse Talisman. Orca Book Publishers. 2001. 186pp.
Hardcover $15.95, (ISBN 1-55143-187-4). Softcover $8.95 (ISBN
1-55143-222-6). - Finalist and Honour Book for Silver Birch award. - Nominated for Diamond Willow Award (Sask. Young ReadersĻ Choice) - Nominated for Hackmatack Award - Nominated for Manitoba ReadersĻ Choice Award

ADVENTURE NET SERIES: (juvenile novels co-written by Andrea and David Spalding)
This series features Canadian settings and internet research.

#3. The Disappearing Dinosaur. Whitecap Books. 128pp. 2002. Softcover,
$8.95. (ISBN 1-55285-311-X)

#2 The Silver Boulder. Whitecap Books. 143pp. 2000. Softcover, $8.95. (ISBN

#1 The Lost Sketch. Whitecap Books. 101pp. 1999. Softcover, $8.95. (ISBN
1-55110-989-1) (juv. novel with non-fiction content; Teacher's Guide
available) - BC 2000 Millennium Book Award - Short-listed for Silver Birch award. - Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice


The Pender Palate (Loon Books, 1992), with Georgina Montgomery. Softcover. $12.95. 0-9211189-02-0

The Flavours of Victoria (Orca Books, 1994), with David Spalding. Softcover, $9.95. 1-55143-014-2.

Seasonings: Flavours of the Southern Gulf Islands (Harbour, 2012) With David Spalding. $29.95 978-1-55017-569-1


BC Ferries and the Canadian West Coast (Altitude, 1996), with David Spalding, Georgina Montgomery and Lawrence Pitt. 1-55153-605-4

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