In 2019, International Year of Indigenous Languages was a United Nations observance to raise awareness of the consequences of the endangerment of Indigenous languages across the world, “with an aim to establish a link between language, development, peace, and reconciliation.” B.C. publishing continued to lead way for way for books for, about and by Indigenous people. A new imprint, Rebel Mountain Press, launched Spencer Sheehan-Kalina's children's picture book, Nootka Sound in Harmony ($14.95), in relation to the Mowachaht/Muchalaht people. At the time, Métis artist Spencer Sheehan-Kalina was living in Courtenay. Of This, a chapbook of his poetry exploring family history, had been issued previously by bird buried press in 2017.

Harmony 978-1-7753019-3-6 ILMBC2


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