In September of 1867, Father Louis Napoleon St. Onge, a Diocesan priest, and Brother John Baptist Boulet re-established the Saint Joseph Mission after it was destroyed by U.S. soldiers who had accused Catholic priests of conspiring to aid rebellious Yakima Indians. The mission was founded in 1852 in the Yakima Valley of Washington. St. Onge was born in 1842 and died in 1901.

James Pilling's 81-page Chinook bibliography contains information regarding Louis Napoléon St. Onge's Chinook version of the Old Testament that was produced in the B.C. Interior in conjunction with the Duployan system of stenographic characters. Published in Kamloops in 1892, his 24-page work is known as History of the Old Testament. Age 1: From Adam to Abraham, containing 2083 years.


Co-editor of:

Chinook dictionary, catechism, prayers and hymns. Composed in 1839 & 1839 by Rt. Rev. Modeste Demers. Revised, corrected and completed in 1867 by Most Rev. F.N. Blanchet, with modifications and additions by Rev. L.N. St. Onge With Francis Norbert Blanchet. (Montreal, 1871) 68 pp.

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