Diana Stevan took many detours to get to the writing phase of her life. She married at 19, and shortly after, received a Bachelor of Science in Home Economics and a Master of Social Work, both with honors, from the University of Manitoba. She moved to B.C. in 1979 with her husband and two children. As a clinical social worker, Diana spent over twenty-five years in the field, working in a variety of settings-psychiatric, child guidance, cancer agency, and private practice. She's also worked as a professional model, actress and a sports writer-broadcaster for CBC television. Writing has been her passion, even though it was relegated to the back seat while she was helping to support her family. She's published fitness and travel articles for newspapers, poetry in the U.K. journal, Dreamcatcher and a short story in Escape, an anthology.

A Cry From The Deep, a romantic mystery/adventure novel, 370 pages, is coming out on October 15, 2014.

The story's main character, Catherine Fitzgerald, is an underwater photographer who buys an antique Claddagh ring. Soon after, she is troubled by nightmares that set her on a path to fulfill a promise of love made centuries before. As she begins to unravel the mystery of the woman who haunts her dreams, she has to come to grips with her own struggle to find true love. Will it be her ex, psychiatrist Richard Egan, who still loves her, or Daniel Costello, the handsome but unavailable marine archaeologist on the dive team?

Set in Provence, Manhattan, and Ireland, A Cry from the Deep uncovers not only two women's longings, but also the beauty of the deep, where buried treasures tempt salvagers to break the law.

In 2015 Stevan had her coming-of-age novelette The Blue Nightgown (Island House Publishing) published. When a blue nightgown is discovered in a tenant's trash by the landlady, Anna, she discovers how arousing the lingerie can be. It's soon realized that this nightgown has the same effect on anyone who comes in contact with it, including Anna's teen-age daughter.

Stevan's second novel, The Rubber Fence (Island House Publishing 2016) is a work of psychological fiction in which the upheaval of tradition was in full swing at the beginning of the 1970s. The protagonist, Dr. Joanna Bereza, wants to have it all: a career, a loving marriage, and a family, but her passion to do what's right sets her against a system that's as stuck as the people it treats. When she becomes obsessed with the treatment of two women, Joanna begins to neglect her husband and in trying to prevent her patients from getting shock treatment she puts her career in jeopardy. This psychiatric intern must also deal with a seductive senior resident and her own unresolved grief over her own childhood trauma. The Rubber Fence was inspired by the author's experience as a family therapist on a psychiatric ward.


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