Robin Stevenson was born in England, and moved to Canada at the age of seven. In addition to writing, Stevenson is a university instructor, social worker and avid reader. She now lives in Victoria with her partner, son and their various animals.

While riding his bike through the woods, Cameron happens upon an abandoned baby in In the Woods (Orca 2009). Everyone thinks it's a miracle, but only he knows that his sister asked him to go.

Inferno (Orca 2009) follows the story of a young girl named Dante and her move to a new and difficult social environment in the suburbs.

In Impossible Things, a new friend's special powers might be the answer to all of Cassidy's problems: her dad is working in the Middle East, her mother has no time for her anymore, her brother is facing bullies at school, and her old best friend has abandoned her. If only she could learn telekenesis like her new friend Victoria, then maybe she could stop being the only "ordinary" one in her family.

In A Thousand Shades of Blue (Orca, 2008), 16-year-old Rachel feels trapped on a small boat with her family on a Caribbean sailing trip. To escape from her parents' fighting, while the boat is being repaired in a small Bahamian community, she and her brother go ashore and discover an explosive secret. This book was nominated for the Sheila A. Egoff Children's Literature Prize.

Liars and Fools (Orca 2010) is the story of Fiona, a girl whose life changes forever when her mother dies in a South Pacific Sailing accident.

Outback (Orca 2011) pits young Jayden against the rugged Australian outback, when a trip to the 'Land Down Under' to help his eccentric biologist uncle goes wrong.

Robin Stevenson's Attitude (Orca 2013) centres around a dedicated 14-year-old, Cassandra Jordan, and her four-week tryout with the Pacific Coast Ballet Company in Vancouver-far, far away from her home in Australia. Cassie arrives with her sights set high and hopeful about the prospect of making new friends, but comes to realize that some other girls will do anything to get ahead, however unkind. As she strives to be the best she can be, Cassie begins to notice that performances at the school are not restricted to the stage-and that girls can be competitive in under-handed, dastardly ways.

Robin Stevenson's seventeenth novel for teens and children is The World Without Us (Orca 2015), a serious exploration of the struggles of a young woman to prevent the love of her life from committing suicide.

In The Summer We Saved the Bees (Orca, 2015), Wolf's mother is determined to save the world's honeybees through a family road trip that nobody wants to take part in. Wolf has no interest in missing school or wearing a bee costume in public, his teenage stepsister can't bear to be away from her boyfriend and one of his half sisters is so opposed she has stopped speaking. Wolf's mother is so invested in the future of the bees that she doesn't see the present state of her family. Only when the kids take drastic measures does she finally pay attention to their opposition to her bee-saving scheme.

Some awards and honours:

Inferno - American Library Association Rainbow List 2010; Sheila A. Egoff Children's Literature Prize finalist 2010

A Thousand Shades of Blue - Governor General's Literary Awards finalist 2009; Sheila A. Egoff Children's Literature Prize finalist 2009

In the Woods - Junior Library Guild Selection

Impossible Things - Chocolate Lily finalist 2009; Diamond Willow finalist 2009; Canadian Children's Book Centre Best Books


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Under Threat (Orca 2016) Ages 12+ $9.95 9781459811317
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My Body, My Choice (Orca 2019) $19.95 978-1-4598-1712-8

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