Author of:

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada: a Pictorial History (pamphlet). Research, compiling and editing: Ursula Surtees (Kelowna Centennial Museum, 1975)
Lak-La Hai-ee: Shuswap Indian Meaning "To Tell". Building a Winter Dwelling (Kelowna: Lamont-Surtees, 1975)
Sunshine and Butterflies: a Short History of Early Fruit Ranching in Kelowna (pamphlet) (Kelowna Centennial Musuem, Regatta City Press, 1979)
The Games Grandpa Played: a Salute to Kelowna's 75th Anniversary and the Hosting of the B.C. Summer Games (pamphlet) (Regatta City Press, 1980)
Kelowna, the Orchard City: an Illustrated History. (Windsor Publications, 1989)


Nan: a Childs [sic] Eye View of Early Okanagan Settlement. Also editd by Nan Harris. Regatta Press, 1981.

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