Ladner's Landing of Yesteryear: Two Heritage Walks in the Historic Village (1997) by Gwen Szychter is the first in a planned series of guides about Delta. Trained as an academic historian, she also self-published Beyond Ladner's Landing (1996). She moved to Ladner in the early 1980s and served on the Delta Heritage Advisory Committee. Her book about heritage walks was inspired by John Atkin and Michael Kluckner's Heritage Walks Around Vancouver.

Chewassen, Tsawwassen or Chiltinm (Self-published, 2007) expands Szychter's coverage of Lower Mainland history, excluding Point Roberts. Her detailed knowledge of the Tsawwassen area is clear throughout the book, which is well accompanied by historical photographs. In the introduction she explains her choice when naming this book: "I would have much preferred to be using the older and more pleasing 'Chewassen' to refer to this area. However, it has been known verbally and popularly since 1946 by the spelling 'Tsawwassen,' with no standard pronunciation, a situation that was dumped on us by a nameless, faceless bureaucrat at the Geographic Board of Canada, to be applied to 'the beach near Point Roberts.' I have, therefore, opted for the name and spelling of modern usage, even though I like it not at all. The final variation, Chiltinm, is what the Corboulds perceived as the Indian name for the area. For your own personal enjoyment, I'd like you to know that the working title of this book was 'Tsawwassen: From Picnics to Potatoes to Palm Trees.' I am not sure why I chose to go with a more formal title in the end, but I certainly acknowledge that I've chosen to convey a Euro-Canadian view of the land."


Beyond Ladner's Landing (1996)

Ladner's Landing of Yesteryear: Two Heritage Walks in the Historic Village (1997)

Chewassen, Tsawwassen or Chiltinm: The Land Facing the Sea (Self-published, 2007) $35.00 978-0-9680951-4-0

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