Born in Barrie, Ontario in 1957, Debra Taylor came to B.C. in 1977. A professional speaker, trainer, and personal development coach, her first book is Money on the Line: How to Make Dollars and Sense on the Phone. A step-by-step guide to phone prospecting, Money on the Line includes anecdotes, plus tips, tools, and templates developed over 30 years.

"For many entrepreneurs, the mere thought of making 'cold calls' activates the symptoms of Cold Call Performance Anxiety," explains Debra. "Worry about what to say that's interesting or valuable, whom to say it to, when to make the calls, how to handle sales resistance, and how to keep track of everyting can easily turn a pleasant and potentially profitable task into a scary proposition."

Debra fine-tuned her telephone prospecting system while working as a lisenced real estate salesperson. Money on the Line explains how to craft persuasive phone scripts, build a rapport, interpret what's really being said, and create a database.


Money on the Line: How to Make dollars and Sense on the Phone (Surrey: Wasaga Sands Publishing, 2004)

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