Born on the east side of Vancouver in 1956 of Irish heritage, Kevin J. Taylor is a self-employed and self-published poet who lives in Surrey with his wife Penny and their children.

His condensed biographical materials are: "escaped with parents to Edmonton at age of 3 to avoid being seized by Child Services due to domestic abuse. Same issues in Edmonton caused placement in foster home in which physical, verbal, and sexual abuse were the norm until 5 years old. Adopted and lived in Montreal PQ, Sydney NS, Ottawa ON, Chatham ON, Charlottetown PEI, Vernon River PEI which is where I wrote my first piece of poetry that I can remember at age 17, and then attended University of PEI for several unsuccessful semesters, Shawinigan PQ where I wrote between bouts as an English tutor, and by way of Via Rail made my way back to Vancouver."


Letter to the White Imbongi [Self published poems, 2013]
Between Music and Dance (poetry) [Richer Resources Publications, 2013]
Ka-Boom! A Dictionary of Comic Book Words, Symbols & Onomatopoeia [Mora Publications, 2007]
souls arriving (poetry) [Mora Publications, 2006

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