Professor emeritus in the History Department at Brock University, Robert Ratcliffe Taylor serves as docent with the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, giving tours of the exhibits as well as of the Spencer Mansion.

According to publicity material:

"Built in 1889 and now home to the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, the Spencer Mansion is a magnificent building with a rich and layered history. With detailed research, historian and author Robert Ratcliffe Taylor describes the original appearance of the house, designed by William Ridgway Wilson for Alexander Green and his family, as well as its inhabitants over the decades. Also known as Gyppeswyk, after the village in England where Green wed Theophila Rainer, the house is more commonly referred to as the Spencer Mansion, after later owners David and Emma Spencer. The book also chronicles the brief period when the residence served as BC's Government House and concludes with the story of how the house came to function as an art gallery.

A unique book, The Spencer Mansion showcases a true gem of Victoria's architecture and history."

Review of the author's work by BC Studies:
The Spencer Mansion: A House, a Home, and an Art Gallery


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