In 1921 John Dean donated 32.4 hectares of his land on Mount Newton, a high point on the Saanich Peninsula of Vancouver Island, for a park. Known as Lau Welnew to the indigenous Saanich, this mountain area had, according to oral history, allowed the people to survive a Great Flood by securing their canoes with a cedar rope to its summit until the floodwaters receded. Private and provincial donations have increased the size of John Dean Provincial Park to 155 hectares.

Jarrett Teague first self-published Blessings in Plenty: A Life and Park History (Sidney: 1998), a tribute to pioneer John Dean, the first British Columbian to donate a large property for a provincial park. It was followed by a second book with 65 new images of Mount Newton, the park and of John Dean entitled Sacred Heart, John Dean Provincial Park. Sacred Heart is divided into four parts: 1) The First People / John Dean; 2) Provincial Park History; 3) Life and Park Photographs; and 4) Hiking Loops and trails Guide.

Born on August 28, 1974 in Victoria, Jarrett Teague deployed with Canada's 3 PPCLI Battle Group to Kandahar, Afghanistan in February of 2002. He served with the US 101st. Airborne: Operation Enduring Freedom. The Battle Group was awarded the South West Asia Service Medal and the Commander In Chief Unit Commendation. For good conduct (12 years) and loyalty, Teague was awarded the Canadian Decoration (CD).

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