Starting a business is stressful. Combine that with chronic pain and the challenges ramp up even more for would-be entrepreneurs. Alison Tedford experienced both when she left a full-time job to set up a small business venture in 2020. An Indigenous woman based in Abbotsford, Tedford writes she was attracted by the ability to “pick and choose which projects I worked on, how much I would be paid for them, and I could make decisions as the head of my own entity that would position me for success, my definition of success.” But she also suffered from chronic pain due to an ongoing medical condition. Despite this, Tedford succeeded at creating a profitable company while at the same time maintaining self-care. She tells the story in her debut book, Chronic Profit: Building Your Small Business While Managing Persistent Pain (Self-Counsel Press $26.95) and shares business-building strategies as well as proven methods for maintaining personal health. 9781770403321 ILMBC2