It must be something in the air here... Thomas Teuwen spent 25 in the manufacturing, mining, energy and technology sectors in Nova Scotia before he came west to Sidney, B.C. in 2000 and became a vegetarian, went car-free and began a new adventure building The Biggest Little House in Sidney. His 'eco-building project soon morphed into a lifestyle project in which he was dedicated to reducing his carbon footprint. With Laura Lynn Parker he has subsequently write a guide to conserving energy and reducing waste, Greening Your Home (Self-Counsel, 2015). They discuss green materials and appliances, maintenance and design issues, and how to decide whether to go "DIY"; or hire a professional to eco-renovate your home. Whether you're looking at minor changes or major renovations, Greening Your Home is intended to provide practical, economical advice that will help make your home more efficient.


Greening Your Home: Successful Eco-Renovation Strategies (Self-Counsel Press 2015) $12.95 9781770402072 Co-authored with Laura Lynne Parker:

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