CITY/TOWN: Penticton

DATE OF BIRTH: October 23 1962

PLACE OF BIRTH: Vancouver, B.C.


EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Filmmaker, Education Consultant, Speaker, Restauranteur


The Director in the Classroom: How Filmmaking Inspires Learning (Tech4Learning, San Diego CA, 2001)

The Macintosh iLife'04 in the Classroom
(Peach Pit Press, 2004) Co-Author Jim Heid
ISBN 0-321-25605 - 0

BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Raised in the Okanagan. Grew up in the family Greek restaurant- Theo's, Penticton, since 1976. Lived and traveled around Crete in Greece. Worked in the BC film industry in various production categories. Directed and produced The Date, which was nominated for Canadian Best Short Film in 1993. Literary influences include Nikos Kazantzakis and George Ryga. As a public speaker, has presented at the national level in the US and at many state and provincial educational conferences. Now presenting education consulting via online and videoconferencing to teachers in all continents from his studio in Penticton. Lives in Naramata with wife and creative partner Linda and with daughters Matia and Sophia. Plays a little Mandolin.

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