Catherine Ann Tocher's three and a half acre property on Saltspring Island, where she created an "enchanted forest"; with tiny houses she built and placed along trails and mossy bluffs to guide children (and adults) through the natural beauty, inspired her to write a fantasy book for children.

Fairy Rose and the Power of Eleven (FriesenPress 2016) is about the powerful Fairy Rose who brings together ten other young people to protect the world's land, water, flora and fauna. Calling themselves The Power of Eleven, Fairy Rose and her gang discover the West Coast Trail, Aurum the Golden Spirit Bear and a little dragon called Shadow. Their goal is to stop environmental destruction and encourage thoughtful progress in the future. The book brings its readers ideas about collaboration, the need to preserve the natural environment, respecting cultural differences, and the development of self-esteem.

Fairy Rose and the Power of Eleven (FriesenPress 2016) 978-1460269275

[BCBW 2016]