Agnes Toews-Andrews (this surname was sometimes spelled without the hyphen) has also published books under the name Elizabeth Blakely.

As a macrobiotic cooking and Reiki instructor, Blakely / Toews-Andrews credited a six-week diet of watermelon, wheat, greens and potatoes, followed by a macrobiotic regime, with curing her ovarian, breast and uterine cancer. She has travelled to the Middle East, south-east Asia and the Caribbean to research the potato and self-publish The Original, The Incredible Potato: A Cookbook and History (Isis Moon/Centax Books, 2000 $16.95). Further travels abroad resulted in a memoir called Garbage and Flowers: My Year's Sojourn in the Holy Land (Isis Moon Publishing, 1997), a chronicle of her multi-dimensional journeys of mind and emotions.

She operated a bed 'n' breakfast in Little Fort, British Columbia with her husband prior to changing her name to Elizabeth Blakely and moving to Picton, Prince Edward County, an island in Lake Ontario. With her Isis Moon Publishing imprint, she published another compilation of spiritualist exploration entitled Awake! A Spiritual Primer (Bloomfield, Ontario: Isis Moon, 2004). Her promotional material states, "Do you wonder why Canada is special, why there are highly advanced Galactic visitors to planet Earth now? We are not alone in the Universe! Do you want to know how to re-connect with your Twin Flame/True Love and feel glorious?"

As Elizabeth Blakely, she has travelled to Rosslyn chapel, Scotland, and spent a month at Mt. Shasta, California, in retreat. After resettled in B.C. on the Sunshine Coast, she moved to live in the West Kootenays, near Nelson, in 2013, where she became a director of the Kootenay Literary Society.

She reverted to using the name Agnes Toews-Andrews for The Goddess Lives: Poetry, Prose and Prayers in Her Honor (2010), her look at the tradition of Goddess worship, particularly "Goddess Sophia," and the need for a matrilineal society today. The second edition of Agnes Toews-Andrews' newly expanded The Goddess Lives, Poetry, Prose and Prayers in her Honour (Isis Moon 2017) recalls the author's travels to matrilineal sacred sites "including her experience at the December 22, 2012 galactic alignment,"; Mother Mary appearances in Jerusalem and Mt. Shasta, California, B.C.'s Center of the Universe experience (Bonaparte Plateau) "and stories of the ancient adepts, the 13 Spirit Grandmothers and Grandfathers of Time, initiations that humans must go through to reach enlightenment."; She has visited Aphrodite's temple in Cyprus, Inanna's Temple in Palmyra, Syria, the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland and numerous sacred sites in England sacred sites. 978-0-9940026-1-7

As Agnes Toews-Andrews, she published a "paranormal novel," 2113 AD: The Future is Here!, in which she takes the reader on a journey across North America 100 years from now. Throughout the book are flashbacks to the present Earth changes including solar flares, increased cosmic rays, galactic alignments, CME's and geomagnetic changes resulting in psychological and physical human changes. "The good news is the Ascended Masters have held special equipment within Mt. Shasta for they knew a time was coming when the planet would require these objects and technology."

DATE OF BIRTH: Feb 13 1948

PLACE OF BIRTH: Abbotsford



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