Rodger Touchie put together one of the earliest titles published by Jim Douglas entitled Vancouver Island: Portrait of a Past (J.J. Douglas, 1974) and has also released an often-republished title for Diana Douglas, Jim Douglas' daughter, entitled Preparing a Successful Business Plan (Self-Counsel).

Having spent several decades in the publishing industry, he acquired ownership of Heritage House in 1995, a company that was pioneered by Art Downs, and soon elevated the press into the mainstream of B.C. publishing with the vital partnership of his wife, Pat Touchie. Along the way, he has served as president of the Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia. In 2008, his Heritage Group received the Jim Douglas Publisher of the Year Award from the ABPBC [See below].

Touchie says he was first attracted to writing when his MBA thesis was published
in three parts by Canadian Business magazine. He has since written Bear Child: The Life and Times of Jerry Potts (Heritage 2005). Abandoned by the third white father he had known, Potts was first called Ky-yo-kosi or 'Bear Child' by his Blood tribe mother Namo-pisi or 'Crooked Back'. He became renowned as a half-breed marksman and scout, sometimes working for the Northwest Mounted Police from 1874 onwards, and was also widely known among the Blackfoot Confederation as a peerless hunter and warrior. Previously profiled in a 1984 biography by Bernard D. Fardy entitled Jerry Potts, Palidin of the Plains, the plainspoken buckskin ambassador between opposing cultures was used as the central character in Guy Vanderhaeghe's successful novel entitled The Last Crossing. Touchie's biography provides some new information about the half-Scottish guide and interpreter who was born (circa 1840) at Fort McKenzie (north Montana) and died in 1896 at Fort McLeod in the Northwest Territories. He was buried with full military honours.

With more than 150 photographs, Rodger Touchie's Edward S. Curtis Above the Medicine Line (Heritage 2010) sheds new light on the mystique of the pioneer photographer Curtis while concentrating on images he took in Western Canada. [See article below.]

Review of the author's work by BC Studies:
Edward S. Curtis, Above the Medicine Line: Portraits of Aboriginal Life in the Canadian West


Vancouver Island: Portrait of a Past (J.J. Douglas, 1974)

The Life and Times of Jerry Potts (Heritage 2005)

Edward S. Curtis Above the Medicine Line (Heritage 2010)
978-1-926613-77-2 $24.95 / pb 978-1-894974-86-8, $19.95

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