Born on February 24, 1975 in Melbourne, Australia, Troy Townsin worked as an actor and playwright before earning his Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. After graduating, he worked for the United Nations Information Centre in London. In 2002, Townsin came to Canada and now lives in Victoria. He won the 2003 Travel Writer of the Year award with TNT Magazine UK. With co-author Cheryl-Lynn Townsin, he self-published Cooking with BC Wine: A Guide to the Wineries of British Columbia (Polyglot Publishing / Sandhill, 2005), winner of "the Cooking with Wine and Spirits - English and the rest of the world"; division at the World Cookbook Awards in February, 2006.

With illustrator Jennifer Harrington, Troy Townsin co-authored A Moose in a Maple Tree - The All Canadian 12 Days of Christmas (Polyglot 2008). It was followed by more children's books. In 2011, A Moose in A Maple Tree reached #5 on the National bestsellers list for Canadian kids books and #1 on the BC list. The Night Before a Canadian Christmas hit #7 on the national list and #2 on the BC list. And Canadian Jingle Bells rose to #2 on the BC list. Winefeast won 2 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in the 2010 competition.

Four books for Townsin's own Polygot imprint since 2008 have now been followed with five more for his new Canadian Monster Club series, illustrated by Trish Glab, $12.95 each, for ages 4-7. Entitled Sasquatch, Mannegishi, Wendigo, Memegwesi and Ogopogo, these stories provide short, repetitive singing parts for children as well as a "look-and-find"; component. Each book contains a historical account of each mythical monster. Partial proceeds from the sale of these books, distributed via Sandhill, are donated to the First Nations Family and Caring Society.

All titles are distributed by Sandhill Book Marketing.


A Moose in A Maple Tree (Polyglot Publishing 2008) Illustrated by Jennifer Harrington $19.95 ISBN: 978-0-9868892-3-3

WineFeast: Eat, Drink, Discover BC Wine (Polyglot Publishing 2009) $26.95 ISBN: 978-0-9737748-5-6

Canadian Jingle Bells (Polyglot Publishing 2011) Illustrated by Jennifer Harrington $19.95 ISBN: 978-0-9868892-1-9

The Night Before A Canadian Christmas (Polyglot Publishing 2011) Illustrated by Jennifer Harrington $19.95 ISBN: 978-0-9868892-2-6

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