After graduating as a mature student with a BA in English from SFU, Monika Sonya Ullmann of Victoria worked as a book editor for Commcept Publishing, edited one issue of EVENT Magazine, worked in the high tech sector for some years, taught ESL and Driving, and turned to full-time writing in the late nineties. Her first book, The Life and Art of David Marshall (Mother Tongue 2008), resurrects the reputation of sculptor David Marshall.

Her follow-up is a self-published novel, City of Desire (Victoria: ProWord $20), set largely in Vancouver, but with global concerns. After a devastating underwater quake and a tsunami turn Vancouver into rubble, two art students, half Chinese Athena and her best friend, Aboriginal Moira, are galvanized into action With a pet crow, they make an epic journey to the Tar Sand and start to inspire their generation to rebuild for a smarter future that considers climate change. "Expecting scientists to do the science and also tell the story of Climate Change is too much to expect," says Ullman. "The storytellers have to take this on so people can engage on an emotional level with the most important issue of our time.";

Author's City: Hann. Muenden
Date Of Birth: August 1, 1940
Place Of Birth: Germany
Arrival in Canada: 1953
Arrival in BC: 1954
Other Employment: Market Research


The Life and Art of David Marshall (Mother Tongue Publishing, 2008)

City of Desire (Victoria: ProWord 2015) $20 978-0-9921449-0-6

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