Colin Upton is a veteran of the Vancouver comics and Lowbrow art scenes and over a 25+ year career has created small press comics, comic books, comic strips, an award winning graphic novel (Diabetes Funnies), paintings, three dimensional art, political cartoons, web cartoons, cartoons for a play, cartoons for a movie, award winning illustration, historical reference for a Douglas Coupland War of 1812 sculpture and has contributed to a range of zines, magazines, mail art projects comic, freepapers and graphic novel anthologies. He has written essays about comics, lectured on comics and co-hosted two radio shows about comics where he helped interview some of the biggest names in comics including Art Spiegleman and Harvey Pekar. He has also been a drummer in a punk/garage band Puke Theatre and is a member of the pioneering noise art band "The Haters". Colin has an avid interest in history, he is a wargamer and miniaturist. He lives in Vancouver with his cat Lomu in an apartment crammed with books.