BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: "I grew up in Saskatchewan, conducted a decade or so of my journalism career working in newspapers in Alberta, then returned to university for my MA and PhD in Canadian literature. I have taught English at the University of Alberta, journalism at Carleton University and now I teach journalism and creative non-fiction at the University of Victoria. In addition to my teaching, I am a freelance writer, editor and arts commentator."

Formerly the book page editor for the Edmonton Journal, Lynne Van Luven, a journalist since 1968, earned her PhD in Canadian Literature from University of Alberta and has taught writing and journalism since 1992.

As an instructor at the University of Victoria, she co-edited Pop Can: Popular Culture in Canada (Prentice Hall, 1999) and edited Going Some Place (Coteau, 2000), an all-Canadian collection of the "magpie prose" that has evolved into a new genre called creative non-fiction.

At the end of her third anthology Nobody's Mother: Life Without Kids (Touchwood, 2006 $19.95), Van Luven recalls her "nefarious mission" at age 34, following a divorce, to get pregnant via a series of haphazard encounters with men in Greece. Now thankful that no progeny resulted from those escapades, she concludes, "I admit that the older I get, the more provoked I am by people's unspoken assumptions about childless women. And I am impatient with myself for the years I spent feeling lesser because unchilded. I'm now of the Popeye Philosophy: "I yam what I yam." Flawed, fumbling still, I yam trying to be a decent human being, a principled teacher, a caring daughter, sister, aunt and friend and, most recently, a good man's wife. (I'll keep track of all those new babies' birthdays until I lose my marbles for good.) Most of all, in my remaining years, I want to be a more productive member of the larger society around me. That's my crop. I'll tend it the best way I'm able." 1-894898-40-0

Somebody's Child (Touchwood, 2011) is an anthology of personal essays about adoption, co-edited by Bruce Gillespie, editor of Nobody's Father (2008), and Lynne Van Luven, editor of Nobody's Mother (2006). "Somebody's Child incorporates Canadian and American stories of every member affected by the adoption process: adoptive parents, adoptees, birth parents, grandparents, siblings and even foster families. Some essays discuss regret and longing, while others embrace hope and inclusion. Somebody's Child also includes stories of trans-racial adoption and the search for identity adoptees can face."

DATE OF BIRTH: 26 August, 1947

PLACE OF BIRTH: Lipton, Saskatchewan


ANCESTRAL BACKGROUND: English and Pennsylvania Dutch if we go back three generations

EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: university teacher, freelance journalist and editor


Pop Can: Popular Culture in Canada (Prentice Hall, 1999)

Going Some Place: Creative Non-Fiction Across Canada (Coteau Books, 2000)

Nobody's Mother: Life Without Kids (Touchwood Editions, 2006)

Somebody's Child (Touchwood, 2011)

In the Flesh: Twenty Writers Explore the Body (Brindle & Glass, 2012) Co-editor.

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