The VanCity Book Prize is co-supported by VanCity, the Government of British Columbia, Vancouver Public Library and B.C. BookWorld. It was founded as a joint project by B.C. BookWorld, VanCity and the Vancouver Public Library in 1992. The VanCity Book Prize is presented annually to a B.C. author for best book in any genre pertaining to women's issues. It provides a $3000 award to the winner, with an additional $1000 from the provincial Ministry of Women's Services to be donated to the B.C. charitable organization of the winner's choosing. There are no entry fees, no entry forms. Three copies of any eligible book (by a B.C. author, male or female) can be mailed to VanCity Prize c/o B.C. BookWorld, 3516 West 13th Avenue, Vancouver BC V6R 2S3. Books should be published in the preceding calendar year. Judging is done in the spring and summer of each year. The award is usually presented in the early autumn.

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1992 - Sheila Baxter, Under The Viaduct: Homeless in Beautiful B.C. (New Star Books)

1993 - Barbara Woodley, Portraits: Canadian Women in Focus (Doubleday)

1994 - Karlene Faith, Unruly Women: The Politics of Confinement and Resistance (Press Gang)

1995 - Denise Chong, The Concubine's Children (Viking)

1996 - Karen X. Tulchinsky, In Her Nature (Women's Press)

1997 - Gail Anderson-Dargatz, The Cure for Death by Lightning (Random House)

1998 - Bonnie Sherr Klein and Persimmon Blackbridge, Slow Dance A Story of Stroke, Love and Discovery (Knopf)

1999 - Kate Braid, Inward to the Bones (Polestar)

2000 - Rita Moir, Buffalo Jump: A Woman's Travel (Coteau)

2001 - Rosemary Neering, Wild West Women (Whitecap)

2002 - Madeleine Thien, Simple Recipes (McClelland & Stewart)

2003 - Nancy Lee, Dead Girls (McClelland & Stewart)

2004 - Maggie de Vries, Missing Sarah: A Vancouver Woman Remembers Her Vanished Sister (Penguin)

2005 - Debbie Palmer and Dave Perrin, Keep Sweet, Children of Polygamy (Dave's Press)

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