Peter Vassilopoulos was born in Cape Town, South Africa on September 16, 1940. An avid boater and scuba diver, he came to B.C. in 1973 and began a series of articles for Pacific Yachting, and he has continued to write for the magazine to the present. He wrote a series of feature articles on classic yachts and produced a book, Antiques Afloat, on the old vessels and shipbuilding in B.C. from 1920 to 1940, which he published through one of his companies at the time (Panorama Publications, 1981).

Based in downtown Vancouver in 1974, and then in Tsawwassen since 1985, he published Diver Magazine, a national publication, from 1974 to 2004 when he sold the company. He continued as a regular contributor to Pacific Yachting Magazine, specializing in motor yacht reviews. During the final four years of owning Diver Magazine he produced a quarterly marine recreational newspaper called Boating Express, since shelved.

Vassilopoulos began producing marine guides for boaters in 1994 and has written and published five guides to 2016. He continues to update marina information in his books with the assistance of his wife, Carla and is currently working on a sixth volume.

His boating guides are distributed by Heritage House in Surrey BC, Chyna Sea Publishing and Distribution, and by Fine Edge Publishing and Paradise Cay in Washington State.

Vassilopoulos has produced nine editions of his cruising guide, Docks and Destinations (Pacific Marine Publishing, Delta BC, 2010). His other Pacific Marine Publishing titles are Anchorages and Marine Parks, Broughton Islands Cruising Guide, Cruising to Desolation Sound, and the Gulf Islands Cruising Guide. These volumes includes waterways, marinas and anchorages from the south of Puget Sound to Prince Rupert and beyond.

The Gulf Islands Cruising Guide and The Broughtons Cruising Guide are two books in a series of four. This book covers Victoria and the south east coast of Vancouver Island as well as the Gulf Islands plus Hornby, Denman and Lasqueti islands in the middle of the Strait of Georgia.

Cruising to Desolation Sound, previously covered the Sunshine Coast and these areas are now being published in two separate volumes. They take the reader from Howe Sound, the Fraser River and Vancouver city, along the Sunshine Coast and into Desolation Sound. Along the way, they cover popular attractions such as Princess Louisa Inlet and Pender Harbour. They continue through the Discovery Islands to Campbell River with colour illustrations of fabulous waterways, inlets and scenic coastal vistas.

The Broughton Islands Cruising Guide is an updating of Peter Vassilopoulos' North of Desolation Sound. The book's main attributes are the inclusion of routes to the Broughton Islands through Johnstone Strait via Campbell River or through Cordero Channel via Desolation Sound and Big Bay. It covers waterways to Port Hardy, the Broughton Islands and adjacent areas plus Seymour Inlet and the passage around Cape Caution to Rivers Inlet. It includes many new colour photographs taken from the air as well as while boating in the area. Diagrams, GPS coordinates and distances are also provided for navigation.

In all of his books, hundreds of aerial and ambient photographs and numerous diagrams assist mariners choose the best routes, anchorages and places to moor.

For his tenth title since his classic west coast maritime title Antiques Afloat in 1981, Peter Vassilopoulos altered course from books meant primarily for pleasure boaters and released his first title in a new series, more for tourists, Cruising the Inside Passage: Puget Sound to Alaska. Although the word cruising remains in the title, the founding publisher of Diver Magazine has gathered his photos from approximately 150 coastal trips over more than 40 years for his first book to appeal to all Pacific Northwest travellers by boat, ferry, cruise ship or "pocket cruisers" (i.e. charters). It is a coffee table book replete with a wide selection of his aerial photos, designed to be a souvenir book that gives visitors a collection of sights (and sites) they have seen "as well as those they have missed that may prompt them to return."

In another direction, Peter Vassilopoulos has profiled one of the world's foremost marine artists in his book John M. Horton: Mariner Artist (published by Heritage House), a study of the British-born designer and architectural artist who immigrated to Canada in 1966. For his series of magnificent paintings depicting Captain George Vancouver's voyages, Horton sailed Vancouver's routes from the Olympic Peninsula to Alaska to incorporate recognizable shore features. Horton has produced more than one thousand meticulously researched maritime paintings.


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