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Erick Villagomez is the editor of Spacing Vancouver, an online publication looking at Metro Vancouver's public realm and urban landscape. He co-authored On This Patch of Grass (Fernwood 2018 $30) with Daisie Couture, Selena Couture, Matt Hern, Denise Ferreira da Silva and Glen Coulthard. Focusing on a small urban park in Vancouver -- Victoria Park, but better known as Bocce Ball Park -- to "interrogate the politics of land," the authors grapple with the fact that they are uninvited guests on the unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations. As noted on the book's back cover blurb, "Every park in North America is performing modernity and settler colonialism every day." And yet, Bocce Ball Park serves many users with a variety of backgrounds, engaging in a range of activities and doing so peacefully. "It is a living exhibition of the possibilities of sharing land and perhaps offers some clues to a decolonial horizon."

At the time of publication. Daisy Couture was a student at UBC. Selena Couture was an assistant professor or drama at the University of Alberta. Sadie Couture was a graduate student at Concordia. Matt Hern was an author and community-based activist and organizer who has taught in SFU’s Urban Studies department, Cape Breton University’s MBA program in Community Economic Development, and was an Adjunct Professor in UBC’s School of Community and Regional Planning. Denise Ferreira da Silva and Glen Coulthard were professors at UBC. Erick Villagomez (B. Arch. Sci., M.Arch) is the founding principal of Metis Design I Build, established in 2000. 978-177363-070-0 ILMBC2

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Erick Villagomez