Former reporter, Tamara Vukusic of Kamloops has written obittersweet: Life Lessons from Obituaries (Mosaic Press, 2021), a collection of essays inspired by real obituaries. Ultimately, she transforms her favourite obits into witty advice. The essays are organized by theme -- one for each month. For example, Vukusic's January, a month normally associated with resolutions looks at doing the opposite. Rather, she recommends "reflecting on what you already do that is worth celebrating" and proceeds to share obituaries for people who are remembered for living lives that honoured individuality, provided gathering places to create communities, making sacrifices for better tomorrows, and letting others know they mattered. In highlighting people from the past, Vukusic shines a light on her own eccentric life.

Tamara Vukusic holds journalism and political science degrees from Carleton University. In the past she was a TV show host and worked for not-for-profit organizations for twenty years. She collects old typewriters.


obittersweet: Life Lessons from Obituaries (Mosaic Press, 2021) $24.95 9781771615280

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