Moira Young was born in New Westminster, B.C., and attended UBC before heading to the UK to study drama. She lives in Bath, England, with her husband. In 2012, she won the Sheila A. Egoff Children's Literature Prizes for Blood Red Road Dust Lands: 1 (Doubleday 2011) as well the Costa Children's Book Award and a Cyblis Award for Fantasy and Science Fiction.

According to publicity materials: In a wild and lawless future, eighteen-year-old Saba lives with her father, twin brother Lugh, young sister Emmi and pet crow Nero. The family resides in a secluded shed and the lake, their only source of water and main provider of food, is gradually dying from the lack of rain. But Saba's father refuses to leave the place where he buried his beloved wife, Allis, who died giving birth to Emmi. While Saba has never forgiven Emmi for their mother's death, she adores her twin brother Lugh. So Saba's small world is brutally torn apart, when a group of armed riders snatch Lugh away. Saba's rage is so wild, that she manages to drive the men away, but not before they have captured Lugh and killed their father. And here begins Saba's epic quest to rescue Lugh, during which she is tested by trials she could not have imagined.

For her 2012 acceptance speech, delivered by Random House representative Don Hogland, she wrote: "I am honoured to receive this award, given in memory of a great, passionate Canadian champion of libraries, reading and books for children. Like Sheila Egoff, I was an early and voracious reader. Like her, I became who I am thanks to libraries and the worlds and people I discovered living inside the covers of the books on their shelves. The landscape and people of Canada and, most particularly, British Columbia run strongly and deeply within me and they run strongly and deeply throughout this book, 'Blood Red Road'. So I am most particularly delighted that it should win this BC Book Prize. To the judges, the BC Library Association and the West Coast Book Prize Society, my grateful thanks for this wonderful recognition. Thank you."


Blood Red Road Dust Lands: 1 (Doubleday 2011)
Rebel Heart Dust Lands: 2 (Doubleday 2013)
Raging Star Dust Lands: 3 (Doubleday 2014)
The Road to Ever After: An unlikely friendship - an unforgettable journey (Double Day 2016) $21.99 978-0-385-68742-3

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