"Most readers are reading simply to compare the damage they have sustained along the way with someone else's." -- Terency Young, 2000

DATE OF BIRTH: May 13, 1953

PLACE OF BIRTH: Victoria, B.C.

EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Head of English at St. Michael's University School

Nominated: Governor General's and the Gerald Lampert Award (for Island in Winter).
Nominated: Danuta Gleed Award (for Rhymes with Useless).
Winner: City of Victoria Butler Best Book Award (for After Goodlake's).
Winner: This Magazine's Great Literary Hunt, The Fiddlehead Poetry Prize, The Stephen Leacock Poetry Contest and others


The Island in Winter (Vehicule Press, 1999)
Rhymes With Useless (Raincoast, 2000)
After Goodlake's (Raincoast, 2004)
Moving Day (Signature Editions, 2006)
The End of the Ice Age (Biblioasis, 2010)
Smithereens (Nightwood, 2021) $18.95 9781550179439


Terence Young attended Victoria High School and UVIC before receiving his MFA from UBC in 1996. Previous residences include Northern Manitoba (Thompson), Quebec City and Ireland. He has taught high school for more than twenty-five years and served on the board of the Victoria School of Writing and helped co-found The Claremont Review, a journal for young writers. "When I was a boring adolescent who thought too much, attended Anglican church services and had picnics in the family car, I still believed my life was worth living. Even after a tepid romance with sex and drugs in the '60s, marrying young, having two children and falling into teaching, I am still convinced the air is sweet and the water pure." He lives with poet and fiction writer Patricia Young.

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