Born in 1941, Kareen Zebroff was encouraging the practice of yoga when most people thought it was something to eat. A widely-known television personality in Vancouver during the 1970s, her exercise program devoted to yoga led to many internationally published guides such as ABC Of Yoga, Yoga and Nutrition, Beauty Through Yoga, Back Fitness The Yoga Way and The ABC of Natural Cooking. All her books were published by Fforbez Publications of Vancouver (Fforbez is Zebroff spelled backwards), a company operated by her husband, a former school principal in the B.C. Interior. According to her website, The ABC of Yoga held the #2 spot on the German Spiegel best-seller list for all of 1974, second only to Alexander Solzhenytsin's Gulag Archipelago. As a result, Kareen Zebroff became only the fifth woman in the magazine's history to be featured with a cover-story -- in the select company of Golda Meir, Indira Ghandi, Marilyn Monroe and Vera Bruehne (a beautiful murderess). She continues to write and has produced a Yoga-Over-40 video.


ABC of Yoga (1974) [A new and revised edition became available under the British title A Gentle Introduction to Yoga (Foulsham, 2002).]
Yoga for Kids, by Kareen Zebroff, Lo Linkert, Duncan McDougall, Peter Zebroff (1978)
Yoga and Nutrition (1979)
Beauty Through Yoga (1989)
Back Fitness The Yoga Way
The ABC of Natural Cooking
Controlling Hip and Tummy Fat Through Yoga Activity (1989)
Yoga for Everyone (1995)

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